Pema Tshiri Sherpa

As of this writing, Pema is the only trek leader who has personally walked every kilometer of the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) "the highest feasible trekking route going from the eastern border of Nepal to its western border."

Pema was born in the low Solu Khumbu village of Hill, the fourth of ten children. When he was 16 years old he saw many trekkers going through his village and felt called to join them on their journey. His parents were reluctant, since they had never been involved with trekking themselves. One day he went down to the marketplace and found a trekking group there; he asked if he could get a porter job with them, and joined them on the way to Mera Peak

He had no trekking equipment, no shoes, and no warm clothes, so was sent back and paid in chocolate, a t-shirt and a few pencils given to him by the trekkers. He returned to his village and gave the little bit of money he had earned to his parents, who were very happy and gave him permission to pursue his dream. He headed off to Kathmandu and spent two years working as a porter, advanced to being a kitchen assistant for a year, then was promoted to being a camping Sherpa for two years.After that he became a trekking cook (one of the most responsible positions on a crew), obtained climbing training and became a climbing guide. For five or six years he led individual private groups, and started Pema Treks as an incorporated business in 2008.

For Information on Pema Treks:

When Robin Boustead was looking for a trek leader for the GHT project he chose Pema. Robin conceived the Great Himalaya Trail as a way to decrease environmental strain on over-used sections of Nepal bring the benefits of Eco-tourism to more remote areas and connect previously isolated villages. Until this expedition, most trekking in Nepal would head for one specific destination, travel north up a valley to the higher mountain areas and then retrace their way south. There were no clearly mapped trails which ran throughout the high mountains from east to west. In heading to Kanchenjunga in the east and then staying as high as possible as they traveled to the western border, Pema and Robin were often in areas known only to local people and had to rely on finding local shikari (hunter-gatherers) who could show them a way known only to them which connected previously isolated trails. Robin used GPS to map the route, relying on Pema and his crew to communicate with the shikari, blaze trails where forest and jungle obscured the way, secure fixed ropes and get the crew (and trekkers) over the technical portions of the high passes, and find local food sources when supplies ran short. As a result of their work, the Great Himalaya Trail.

  • 2003 -  Basic Mountaineering Training (Nepal Mountaineering Association, Alpine Association of Slovenia)
  • 2006 - Basic Mountain Rescue and First Aid (Nepal Mountaineering Association)
  • 2007 - International Advanced Course in Mountain Medicine and Rescue (Institute de Formation et de Recherche en Medicine de Montagne, IFREMMONT)
  • Member, Nepal Mountaineering Association since 2005
  • Member, Trekking Agenciesâ™ Association of Nepal (TAAN) sine 2009



Tara Portelli

Life has been an accumulation of craziness that has brought me here, to this point, writing this blog. You are probably asking yourself who am I to write a blog about nutrition and health?? Well….let me give you a little glimpse of who I am and where I have come from….

For the last eight years I have spent my life working as a Paramedic. In this job I see the worst of peoples health and most of the time I get there when it is to late. I pursued this career to help people..but how am I supposed help when I get to people after the damage has been done?? So my search has continued…searching for a way to help people become better and take control of their wellbeing. My passion for health, wellness and nutrition has been my drive…leading me down a path that has inspired me to certify as a Personal Trainer and complete my education as Certified Holistic Nutritionist with Alive Academy. I strive to live my own life as holistically as possible, treating my body as a temple and my health as a gift that will allow me to live an amazing life. With the knowledge I gained from my education as a Personal Trainer, alongside hard work, dedication and self discipline, I was able to achieve a lifelong goal of competing in a fitness competition, placing 2nd overall. A few years later, with my studies in Holistic Nutrition under my belt, ironically enough I learned that such extreme competitions are detrimental to my health. With my years of trial and error, educating and re-educating, I feel not only can I help you to prevent chronic illness and disease but I can also help you to feel empowered just as I do to give your body everything it needs to promote a long, healthy and prosperous life. I am grateful that life has brought me here and I am now able to help others feel in control of their health too.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it as much I will writing..

Twitter: ‎@nudemush


Stephanie Bales

Stephanie Bales is a 37 year old, mom to a 17 year old son and two step sons. She has been a nurse for 13 years and Emergency Nurse for 6 years. She has been running since 2008 and running ultras since 2012.

Stephanie is the host of Running Divine Podcast, telling ultra runner stories with a special focus on sharing female athlete stories.

Some highlights include running in Iceland, Scotland, Slovenia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Vietnam, Colombia and all over North America. With second place finishes at  Brookvale 50 k (2012) Haliburton 100 mile (2016), Ultra Africa Race (2017) Ultra Asia Race (2018).



Annette Sandberg Patrick

Outdoor Adventure Guide
Search & Rescue - Preparation & Survival for the Outdoors

I grew up on the Niagara Escarpment on Blue Mountain, in Grey County, Ontario,  and still reside locally in the Town of Collingwood.  I know this land and these crevices as my childhood playground and I continue to hike and explore our area's incredible section of the Niagara Escarpment.   It gives me great pleasure to guide people in the experience of the splendor of the forest and rock. Come with open eye's,  and an open heart,  and you will see what I see - a world of spectacular beauty and wonder. 

Safety is paramount in any outdoor adventure and I bring with me 9 yrs of Search & Rescue Volunteer experience and a 1yr term as the team SAR training co-ordinator.  During this time I delivered the RCMP Search & Rescue Children's Survival Program "Hug-A-Tree & Survive and continue to include this invaluable safety presentation for groups interested in outdoor safety preparation! Thank-you to Adventure Smart for providing this platform.
I am also newly appointed as a member of the Town of Collingwood Trails Advisory Committee assisting in creating a high quality, all season series of trail contributing to this area's development as a world-class destination while connecting all areas of our community by a safe, off-road, multi-use trail system.
With my knowledge and passion for this area, I present it's ancient history to groups of all ages and I am always happy to share your stories of adventure experiences as well !

I am an active Adventure Guide, rock climber and caver and for those who know me say that I like to "live on the edge"...I suppose that's true, afterall, I believe that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!

Come join me for an outing into the Narnia that is created by the depths of your own mind, and then is discovered in the playground of the Niagara Escarpment!



Liesbeth Halbertsma

Liesbeth Halbertsma is born and raised in The Netherlands, and lived and worked 14 years on the Caribbean island Sint Maarten.  She has been passionate about healthy foods most of her life, being a long time vegetarian, organic food freak and plant-based whole food eater since two years.

She is a mother of two boys, and loves to spend time with her family. She can be found running or hiking with the dog on the trails, browsing farmers markets, or cooking vegan meals.

Since the kids were very young the family went on hiking holidays in the Alps, Italy, Dominica, the Appalachian or the Rockies, and many other beautiful areas.

Liesbeth has a masters degree of the University of Amsterdam, and has had many different jobs, from editing and designing to managing a business. She is currently having time off, and works on a book and a website.

Mike Matthews

Mike MatthewsMichael (Mike) C. Matthews Jr is a charismatic leader, philanthropist, youth activist, motivational speaker, and aspiring author. His number one goal in life is to help the youth of today understand their full potential.  Mike’s passion for helping/developing others began early on in his youth from the trials and tribulations of his life. Like most young men in his community, he was raised by a single mom in a low income, inner city environment. As a miss-guided teen, there were choice that he made in the past that could’ve lead him down a road of self-destruction. Growing up, Mike realized early that he needed to make a change and defined his own identity, ultimately resulting in not becoming a product of his environment.

While, receiving his academic training from The University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Michael had the opportunity to serve as a student ambassador for the university and recruit new students to an institution that has given him so much.  He had the opportunity to make history in his family by receiving a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in May 2011. There is no wonder that he is highly respected by his fellow peers. He is regarded as a positive and effective role model and has set the pace for others to follow.

As a young leader, Michael vowed to himself that he would never settle in life or allow fear to chain him down because of personal insecurities. Therefore, with that mindset, Mike was fortunate enough to leave the inner cities of Washington, DC and gain what he regards as his dream “JOB” in Texas. Currently, Mike is an Operation Systems Programmer for one of the world’s leading financial institutions in the country.  Mike is a well-established corporate professional, but would undeniably admit that if it weren’t for the grace of GOD, he wouldn’t be here today.

Michael’s vision is to travel all around the world and touch the lives of troubled youth by sharing experiences, wisdom, and tools that helped him escape his past circumstances.  Michael states that, he “Yearn and aspire to do more in my life and for those who will be affected by my existence on earth”.

“The youth of the world are our future.  If we neglect their significance and refuse to invest them, our nation will continue to tumble.”

–Mike Matthews

Visit Mike’s site:

Samantha Dee

Samantha Dee is a Certified Nutrition Coach who grew up in Collingwood and is passionate about helping people not only LIVE their life but THRIVE and ACHIEVE their health goals.  While providing a solution to help people  improve their current health and athletic performance  she also lives by  the “ditch the diet” mentality.  Sam’s teaching approach is to educate  people on how to create a foundation, build it and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will last through any “life shows up” situation.

Samantha is very competitive and stays active with indoor/ outdoor Volleyball and Soccer. She also enjoys the great outdoors with her two young boys which include; hiking, biking, snowshoeing and snowboarding.

Although Samantha cannot change the world she is passionate about putting an end to Child Obesity and plans to pitch in by educating  the younger generations and their parents about the importance of healthy living and nutrition.

Samantha Dee is a Certified Nutrition Coach at Maximum Physiotherapy. She educates individuals on blood sugar stabilization, proper nutrition , exercise, increasing athletic performance and quality of life. Call 705-444-3600 to book a consultation or for more information.

Sue Underhill

Sue Underhill is a Registered Physiotherapist and owner of Maximum Physiotherapy in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. She is especially interested in concussion testing, running assessments and bike fits.

Sue is passionate about active living and about getting others to become/remain active as well. She gives back to the community with involvement in such kids programs as “girlfriends”, Girls on the Run and Marafun as well as organizing the Collingwood Terry Fox Run for 5 years.

Sue’s active lifestyle includes CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming and cross-country skiing with her girlfriends and her family.

Maximum Physiotherapy Web:

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