Hiking is one of the most inclusive outdoor activities. If you can walk you can hike. There is so much to see and so many places to explore in this beautiful world we live in. Get out there and ignite your explorer heart. You will benefit your physical heart as you do. Hiking is one of the most beneficial exercises you will find. Fresh air and adventure await.

Annette’s Bruce Trail End to End Instalment #1

Map 1 of 5, Queenston to Grimsby. Niagara Club Section The southernmost section of the Bruce Trail lies in Queenston, Ontario. Queenston is the more historic areas of Canada. The weather was -4c, overcast and the wind was quite chilly.  I layered up because I wasn’t sure how the conditions would differentiate  in the bush […]

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Catalonia Million Dollar Trip!

MIILLIONDOLLARTRIP!!!!WOW..I am so blown away by this 6 days in Catalonia…I really took it all in and how my ‘Catalonia Express’ trip will run….and oh my goodness me! You MUST come on this trip! IT COMPLETELY ROCKS! BLEW MY MIND!!!!A beautiful blend of 3 totally different aspects of this area! All equally amazing! Man…I want […]

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Magical Cascades Trail to Village Way Trail Hike

Magical Cascades Trail to Village Way Trail Hike If you are looking for a breathtaking and challenging hike in the Georgian Triangle head to Blue Mountain Ski resort for the experience of a lifetime. Start by parking in the South end of Blue Mountain and just a few steps away s the access to the […]

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Spring – A delight to the senses.

Wow….it’s been a long winter! A great winter for sure… but definitely long. I guess that’s why I’m really enjoying this spring so much. Sure, it’s not balmy and sunshine everyday but most of the snow is gone and I don’t have to wear my winter coat and snow pants anymore. Yes! Every day I […]

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Go for a Hike!

Growing up on the Niagara Escarpment I have had many adventures on our local trails; Bruce Trail, Kolapore, Three-Stage, local ski hills and more! Hiking around here is an invigorating experience… and being mindful of some basic essentials can make it all the more enjoyable for you. Of course, one of the most essential issues […]

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