groupTRAIL RUNNING DREAM and TRAIL RUNNING WIPPTAL CAMP has come to the end…It’s amazing how 6 days can be a formation of new made incredible friendships..and family…laughter and blazin good times…and memories and pictures to last ongoing…I am sad to leave this group as they all have been amazing and always when I think back to this 6 will make me SMILE big…[mapsmarker marker=”1″]

jumpThis group has ROCKED!
I awoke as the 6am Church bells they do everyday…I laughed out loud and thought of our Danish Friend Dan who is awakened everyday at 6am from these bells..I never am but today I was…
view2Our last run day started with early morn Power usual…then our RUN took us up up up…as they all dug in deep with fatigued legs and bodies…we ran across the incredible rolling high alpine road at the Austrian/Italian Border…until we came to our steep downhill ….some put there arms out and FLEW down down down to the lake…other people had to grind it out with knees that were screaming at them…but I tell you..there was NO COMPLAINING…ever……just a JOY to be right there! This 21km day and over a 1000m up and down.

After we had an ice cold dip in the Obenberger Lake..back to Almi’s…re fuel ..a POWER NAP and then it was MOUNTAIN RUNNER’s BOOTCAMP..for those WHO WANTED MORE…and more they got…more running too! More sweat, partner pushing, good cheer and hard breathing….perfect before a Almi’s Berghotel 4 course dinner!

steepI want to thank you all my new brothers and sisters of Sweden and Danmark… for all your enthusiasm, your energy and love of it all! You made it so much FUN FOR US!

100km and 5000m accomplished!

Whoooohooooo! Until next time! BE A HILL SEEKER and Keep Swooshing the downhills!
Big Hug



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Catalonia Million Dollar Trip!

WOW..I am so blown away by this 6 days in Catalonia...I really took it all in and how my ‘Catalonia Express’ trip will run....and oh my goodness me! You MUST come on this trip! IT COMPLETELY ROCKS! BLEW MY MIND!!!!
A beautiful blend of 3 totally different aspects of this area! All equally amazing! Man...I want to sign up for this Tour! 4 Days Trekking through the Pyrenees Hut to Hut with incredible landscape that is just different than anywhere I have been - 2 Days - COSTA BRAVA (Wild Coast) Cadeques...a Wowser of a seaside village with so much super cool history... that maintains its charm even being so popular! Salvador Dali, famous artist said ‘ I have spent a delightful summer as always, in the perfect and dreamy town of Cadeques....There alongside the Latin Sea, I have been quenched by light and colour.’ From here we dive into our 2 Day Kayaking adventure to Cap de Creaus ...this will BLOW YOUR MIND...then onward for 2 days in the ELECTRIC ...beautiful energy city of Barcelona...Ok I cannot contain myself....speechless...I still h!ave the permanent on my face I had doing the 3 hour Kayak adventure. Thank you PAU!! I will keep as short as I can...I did my trip like I was a participant ..of course but going to seek out unique and cool corners of my itinerary..learning more and feeling the energy of t!he place.!
So Catalonia Express Magic Moments at a Glance....Whoohooos,...heavy climbing legs... captivating sights and stories, traversing peaks, incredible cafes, beautiful people and f!riend meet ups, WHAT ONE CAN DO IN 6 DAYS....ok....MUCH.! PART1 ! From the Airport I picked up my VW Polo (wish it was a T2..but they didn't have any for me!) and blazed down the highway direct to the old quaint village of Ribes de Freser to start my Hut to Hut trek. This all kicked off the next morning at the ‘CHEERS’ hangout -‘ where everybody knows your name’..called BAR GUSI...a big bar where lots can hang out for ‘ Cortados and pre mountain sport CONVERSATION...I met some great friends there Laura and Josep...couple Cafe Solos, omelette (thank you Jordi) and then I was off!! I powered my way to my overnight hut ‘Ulldeter’ through the Vall de Coma de Vaca...I am not usually captivated by flowers but I kept wanting to roll around in these incredible purple flowers... everything looked so VIVID!! ‘Willy’ the owner of Ulldeter Hut..was busy serving his crowd of people!!


I had big Vision for Day 2 - a long way to get to Nuria - a mountain resort I was staying at...but I was going to do it...I had a little bit of a back up though! At Caranca Hut ..I was in France...COOL! The owner was wonderful..making me fresh omelette and packing bread to fuel me for my long trek...But I needed a different kind of fuel to get me through the huge pack of Cows I had to walk through leaving Caranca Hut. I looked at the cattle, then looked at my friend, and then back at the cows (hey I have a good reason to feel that way) ... oh no..i have to walk through there...he says...NO PROBLEM...I asked him to come out with me and watch...with a smile he does. As I self coach myself through the path...i feel good as I am doing legs shaking....then I see him running towards me with his hands hanging low mimicking something big there..yelling ‘TORO...TORO!...You must go around...! ah no..just when I had the guts...! Long day but absolutely ROCKED! Last day powered up to the Puigmal I have always w!anted to get to...caught in a bit of a HAIL thing on the way down....!
PART 2! I always have the Belief I will find a place to stay easy....(like some people do with parking)...and there we go...right to the seaside town of Llanca and then right into Hostal Florida...which is a hidden little gem I found driving my Polo through the narrow white housed streets  OK now onto Cadeques - Look this up everybody...this is a must visit..if you love the ocean, kayak, old stone streets, funky cafes and shops...and yes romantic adventure..this is for you... There is an incredible ENERGY here that I love...Lots of artists come here to CREATE...!

OK it is bye bye coast and onward in my POLO to BARCELONA....! 2 friend Birthday meet ups with Anke and Gemma! Overnighting in the Cool Gothic Quarter, Blazin Beach run, funky cafes, electric energy...just takin it all in...and only 24hrs in BARCA! One of the best 6 days I have ever had...! CATALONIAN EXPRESS complete...cannot wait until the real thing this September!! Who else wants to join the PARTY???!

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karrie-tvc2Finished with a smile, and a fat plate of PAELLA!!!

karrie-tvc11Flight back from La Palma..4 hours was a flash as I reminisced with Jan and Vanessa beside about the race we had and yes everything that goes with it.
Another TRANSVULCANIA come and gone. I love to sit and feel what went on in a week…once it is past..I find a story come together and a rather cool one each time.
This one I got to spend with a sister of friends my SIMONY ZITRONY…which makes the story even better!

karrie-tvc12Each time I am at an ultramarathon I come back with more…I feel richer..
I once again understand WHY I LOVE to do these crazy cool races. They test us in different ways and we are all here to take on that adventure.

karrie-tvc1Sometimes you can be not so ready and trained and pull off and excellent race and other times you are soooo ready, fit, trained and good to go and things don’t unfold as you imagined… for anything can arise. It’s all part of the beautiful package. I learn so much every time I do one. But the best thing I come back with is another experience, that fills me with friends…and moments to look back at and laugh on. 

This week high lights – rock n roll time with sister Simone, a hard pre race fall that landed on my ribs and gave me some La Palma scars, Car dancing around the crazy curves of the Island roads, octopus indulgence, my daily high of passing by the Yellow T2 VW beauty van in Tazacorte…., picture posing like nuts, holding my mouth trying everything not to throw up on the BUS RIDE to FUCALIENTE race morning, unbelievable gusting winds waiting for start at the lighthouse early raceday, Mirador El Time shop with amazing people and awesome jewellery that I get sucked into, …these are just to name a few…

karrie-tvc10With a shivering chatter nearing the start, nauseated I forced down my breakfast ISALEAN SHAKE..that I knew I needed for my first few hours of power. Being here at 5:55am at the Start line in Fucaliente on 10.05.14 at the Southern tip of the Island of La Palma is a MOST AWESOME FEELING…as the energy of ‘THUNDERSTRUCK’ booms through the air…all cold and nausea washes away for moments of ‘I love this’ and dancing…a surge of energy and celebration takes over everybody…BRING IT ON BABY!!!

karrie-tvc8With a race that climbs for approx 50km…puts you right on in the beaming hot sun…and then after a pasta fill….sends you booming down a 20km technical, steep downhill..on the lava rock…
My nutrition is critical and my grounding is my ‘IONIX and ENERGENIX’ in regular doses – my electrolytes, minerals and adaptogens for steady energy …keeps me focused …

The downhill takes back down approx 2400m…back to sea level…and then YES….back up!
I felt so happy deep down, coming to the finish today..that was victory for me (as I was not sure if I would finish at the start) These last 5km…was a grind for me…so close to finish..but just one step after another and HEAD DOWN…Behind this though was joy..and yes definitely some swear words flying out…but once the top of the hill is reached the swearing stopped …1.5km stretch to the finish…as runners you always can find the juice..just sail through to a smile at the finish. I cannot be more grateful for the people that cheer us on this island..they pour there hearts out for the day to bring us through…little kids are enthralled at what they see…the people here are incredible…we are taken care of ‘Over the Top’ and this would not happen like it does..without all that…
Until next year TVC…xoxo

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Trans-Alpine Trail Race 2013

The Gore-Tex Trans-Alpine Run is an 8 day stage trail race in the Alps, beginning in Germany in Oberstdorf and making it’s way via via Austria into northern Italy. It’s punishing with 13,730 metres of vertical change and 293 km of distance. It is a 2 person team event.

transalpine2Day 1: Well, Team Livin Adventure Super Sherpas took off like dog chasing a rabbit … Well half of the team did.. Sherpa 2… Simone was very strong.. She had to pull me a bit…there is that anxious energy we feel to go for it even though we haven’t even really started… In that impatience of my own or get by .. I had a nice wipeout..

We came 8th today running in to Lech in Austria… With out start in Oberstdorf Germany.. Many strong women teams…. Cannot believe… I cannot stop eating since I came in the finish….

My team member asleep beside me.. We are happy we are not in Camp like we were last night …( pic below).. I will take the luxury… To bed I go ..up at 530 to run down to the Transalpine BUFF outdoor Espresso bar and then soon off and running ( or shall I say climbing) on STAGE 2…. Until tomorrow!


transalpine3Transalp Day 2 – Lech am Alberg – St. Anton am Alberg

Stage 2 – yeahhhhh still in Austria! From Lech to St Anton…25km with over 1900 meters climbed felt like a heck of a lot more.Was a grind.. Up up up…and slippery…Great technical course with some fun hands and feet climbing that I love …

On a fast wide open downhill I turned around for a second and fell on the same knee and hip as yesterday … Another wipe out!!!!! Ouch Crap! What the heck… That fueled Sherpa 1 and 2 ‘s fast finish with adrenaline ….yeah at a BnB .. No more Camp until last night! Whoohoooo..

Onto Day 3 … Supposedly most challenging .. I am feeling a strong day for Livin Adventure Sherpas.. Right Simone! Give it hell, babe!!!

TRANSALP DAY 3 – St. Anton –

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
― Dean Karnazes

transalpine4STAGE 3 – ‘ Was this a WOWSER OF A DAY’ COMPLETE – 38km, almost 3000m of climbing! What a course.. With some snow high up over technical rock …lots of hooting and whoohooing from above!… I loved it! Second climb seemed it would never end but sooo cool…feel in a little more rhythm … Livin adventure rocked it strong and steady with some super fun flying downhills! We have maintained top 10 from women’s teams of 30. Today 7 hours 49 min…
We have over 20 Canadians here that are Rockin it! My friend Rene C. Unserwho is a top personal trainer and coach out west, and her husband Trent ( in photo below) are doing amazing… They have a big team of Canadians here who they have coached for the event…..we love our CHICAS from Madrid too … You are Livin up the course!
Ready to rock Stage 4 taking us to SCUOL, Switzerland


TRANSALP DAY 4 – Samnaun – Scuoal

Yeahhhhhhhh ahhhh I sit here in the Youth Hostel in SCUOL, SwitZ amongst the buzz of being halfway finished the Transalpine run … Most are snuggled in their beds but my bedtime is a little later…sleep is definitely not the best this week for most but for me shorter but solid is better than what I usually have..

STAGE 4 complete! Simone and i had an incredible day… Team Livin Adventure moved to 8th position. Our music blarring definitely helped..Full on sun, great course – 37km and 2000m up and oh what a beautiful 12km downhill to the end… We love the steep technical! What a rush! Uphills were created to experience the swoosh of coming down the other side!
Tomorrow is the REST DAY… Mountain Sprint ! The rest of the day… Either dancing or hanging out in the naked spa… Hmm


TRANSALP DAY 6 – Scuol – St. Valentin

transalpine9Day 6 from SCUOL to Sankt Valentin! Now in Italy! i had a tough day today with belly cramping and had to do the Drugs..very slow and then picked it up on last bit…Many people had a tough day … we maintained top 10 at 9th place…Crazy with a km to go we spot 2 women’s teams ahead of us.. so we burned it .. but didnt catch them… ah well… could have been 7th…37km… 1600m climbed..brought us to the land of Gelato, good espresso and prosciutto!!! We even sat in the sun at the Goretex Beach for awhile at finish line…Simone and I both being Vegetarians are doing some crazy ‘ Eat Meat’ week and I think today we went a little overboard with the Proscuitto and smoked salami.. We had to settle our stomachs with a tough Schnapps after dinner…Watched our pictures of the day and Video of the day up at 2000m high with an outdoor screen, like a drive in movie… I feel wiped … I am going for the earliest time to bed yet at 1030… Up at 445… For a 7am start… Crazy course tomorrow… With some high technical Alpine stretches… Love that stuff…adios my friends…


transalpine10OK a wild ‘Kick in the pants’ that Mountain Sprint was!!! 6.4km … Almost 1000m climbed….Teams were sent off every 15 sec depending on our ranking.. With the fastest leaving last…Man.. When you are so used to the long distance and steady tempo .. It’s hard to jump into that sprint gear…it bites but its good ..Sherpa 2 was very strong and she was pulling me along…we have maintained in top 10…I love the spirit of TRANSALPINE and all the brother and sisters we get to see everyday .. They definitely turn up the FUN knob for me..Below are some TAR family shots… Wow doing the Bergsprint really feels like a long day.. As I cannot nap like my Simony…so I sit here writing to you enjoying a special made Cappucino ( that was served with a spoon filled with CHOCOLATE) staring at a crystal clear sky, pretty cool peaks and athletes slurping back beers…Day 6 – STAGE 6 is upon us.. I am super excited and loving this although there are many grunts out on the course… The pushing of the limit in endurance, strength and stamina and hanging in with the ups and downs and smiling anyhow… the being in the moment with your body..step by step.. fully ALIVE is THE BEST GIFT EVER…


Transalp Day 7 – St. Valentin – Sulden, Italy

transalpine13Wow I must say today was magic! Team Livin Adventure moved up to 6th place for todays brutally good stage…..Waking up feeling sick in stomach which got worse after breakie.. Well let’s just say the running turned it around… We took off setting a fantastic pace for a long flat and downhill section… We knew the massive climb to come but I just followed the legs and went for a ride… And sometimes it can be a wild ride….
Well today was the toughest stage for me and Simone for sure – but I still loved it…Pounding the legs for 21km … Then rolling beautiful trails, then the biggest non stop steep 1600m ascent – all I could focus on was the ground and every step… In a rhythm … Looking around a bit, heads down, silence and the occasional ‘ whoohoo’, some have music, some don’t, many find their rhythm using their poles, some do not ( I need my hands on my legs)… Everyone has their thing.. Some shovel down all the goods at the food station … Some fly by only using their Gels…( yuck!)
But whatever it is, the greatest energy comes from your mind … Your attitude – to accept and go with it – commit to the end, when things are rough, to celebrate and test your limits when things are good… To feel the power of a team of 2 – a partner who you may not speak to along the way.. Just winks here and there..
transalpine14Just when you think ‘ I have nothing left.. This is never ending .. You come running with peak energy and aliveness through the finish line under the GORETEX Balloon…
We are overjoyed… I cannot keep the kisses off Simone’s face .. We both left everything out on the course and that is a gratifying feeling…Simone has no words as people ask her how was is true in a way…no words to describe … One must do…
The spirit here is just incredible and hard to describe .. Must be here to feel it…this super cool connection trail runners have as we all have the bad and the good days this weeks.. Walked on the same course, climbed the same grade and covered the same distance .. Each with their own personal reason for being here..There is this peace inside, this grand satisfaction for completing yes another challenging day. For some, experiencing another level they never knew they could take themselves to.. Oh it’s a beautiful thing …
And so is Sebastian’s espresso at the BUFF ( Flat is Boring) outdoor coffee stand…
43km and 2300m of climbing
Onto our last day…
Oh and stage 9 if our crazy dance party tomorrow night! Oh I love that Stage!
Until tomorrow …


TRANSALPINE RUN 2013 …. FINISHED!!!!!! Whooooooohooooooo!
transalpine17Team Livin Adventure had to rock it out together all day for 8 days.. Through every emotion …not always easy… But I can’t think of a better person than My Simony!
We were strong the whole week and I found this to be the toughest Transalpine in the last 3 years but oh so stunning a course! Love this quote below…

“I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary. I run…to savor the trip along the way. Life becomes a little more vibrant, a little more intense. I like that.”
― Dean Karnazes

I sit here in Segafredo back home in Inmsbruck now reminiscing of the whole week….my body starting to crash …and feeling that already missing TAR family… We rocked Stage 9 – the dance party last night! Oh yeah!

Here is a write up of our finish line…

transalpine18With 3km to go into the finish of the TAR 2013 into Lastch, Italy…
Team Livin Adventure flew through the apple orchards with the finish line adrenaline pulling us fast … Interesting how there is nothing left in the body but there is ALWAYS when you dig deep ( that is a beautiful thing) and focus on that ONE THING… The culmination of all those 8 long days of taking our trained bodies out of what it is used to and into the extreme….Seeing the determination and will on each and every face out there, no matter if they finish in 4 hours or 8 hours … Is something huge to bring to the rest of our lives…at the finish line Simone gets on my shoulders, I waver a bit with done – in legs and stand up and run over the finish…minutes later we take in the Magic of a finish line …. The feel of satisfaction and look of joy and exhaustion mixed together …. Soooo cool… Don’t want to talk .. Just want to look… As Simone and I clank our Champagne glasses together we both look at each other as we do every year and say ‘ Not again next year… No way’

8 days, 4 countries, 261 km, almost 16,000m climbed… Ready for a bit of a rest ….

As I woke up at the Camp ( open Gym where everybody sleeps n the floor) having slept maybe 3 hours… I hear the rustling of bags, hustle bustle and some flatulence as people walk by … All I can say is I am always glad Simone and I choose our own accomodation. Simone slept outside under the stars as there is not a chance sleeping with all the snoring and sounds in a room with a few hundred people ….

transalpine19To any of you trail runners out there feeling the itch for this Event.. Don’t think twice .. Enroll yourself .. Commit to something a little crazy… That’s where all the magic happens… Then come visit me in Innsbruck for a TAR training camp!!!! Yeeeheaaaaaaaa!
Thanks for all your energy, support and comments throughout the week!
You all absolutely ROCK!






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