Life Coaching

We are blessed to be able to draw a wealth of life experience from our contributors. Everyone has the power within to live a happy and healthy life. Sometimes all it takes is the germ of an idea, inspirational words or a kick in the butt to start you on your way!

Visualizing Success to Reach your Goals

We all have goals and dreams in our lives that we hope to reach. Some of us are more successful at reaching them than others. What makes this so? How are some people able to consistently reach their goals and keep coming back to try again if they don’t? I believe the answer lies in […]

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Energize Your Life!

COACH JANE Energize Your Life! If there is a holy grail that many of us are searching for it is the quest for more energy? Could you use a jolt of energy in your life? Most of us could. What is energy? Where does it come from and how can we get more of this […]

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