At some point we all twist an ankle or suffer some sort of injury. For those of us who have active lifestyles the surest method to accelerate our healing and get back in the game doing what we love is physiotherapy.

We don’t have to be injured to take advantage of physiotherapy. There are many techniques that can prevent injuries from ever happening. Think of it as a sort of preventative maintenance like you might do with your car.

You can get ideas and learn more about physiotherapy here by reading the articles our experts post.

Don’t take concussions lightly!

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by a biomechanical force.  It is sometimes called an invisible injury since we often can’t see the symptoms and they can also be very subtle.  Only one symptom needs to be present to be considered a concussion and you do not have to lose consciousness.  Although […]

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Shockwave Therapy – The Shocking New Treatment

Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is a relatively new and innovative treatment for musculoskeletal conditions.  SWT is a series of high-energy percussions or radial pressure waves to the affected area using a transmitter head on the skin. The mechanical pressure of the shockwaves provokes a response in the tissue that stimulates the formation of new blood vessels.  […]

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Think Twice Before You Ice!

For over 40 years we have all been routinely treating injuries with ice. Yet, surprisingly, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of ice for tissue healing and recovery. In fact, recent scientific research and clinical studies show that, not only is the application of ice ineffective in some cases, but it can […]

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