Paddling is the most intimate way to experience the oceans, lakes and rivers. There is something very primal about being close to the water and moving under your own power. There are many variations on paddling from canoes to kayaks, rowboats or competitive rowing sculls. Feel like some team spirit? Try a dragon boat.

You can enjoy paddling by silently gliding along the glassy surface of a lake, shoot river rapids or pound through the surf! The possibilities of where to paddle and what type of boat to use are endless. Enjoy paddling through our contributor stories then go out and have at it!

Catalonia Million Dollar Trip!

MIILLIONDOLLARTRIP!!!!WOW..I am so blown away by this 6 days in Catalonia…I really took it all in and how my ‘Catalonia Express’ trip will run….and oh my goodness me! You MUST come on this trip! IT COMPLETELY ROCKS! BLEW MY MIND!!!!A beautiful blend of 3 totally different aspects of this area! All equally amazing! Man…I want […]

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First Kayak 2014

After the crazy long winter of 2014 followed by the freezing snowy spring, it was such a relief to see open water again on Georgian Bay. Photos from the International Space Station showed the great lakes frozen completely over and Georgian Bay off Lake Huron was no exception. In fact I even wrote an article […]

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Dragon Boat Team, Business Team – one and the same

I’ve been retired from elite competitive Dragon Boat for almost 2 years now. I knew the time had come so I wasn’t upset to leave that world. I was happy to see other women (in my case mostly for the Canadian Senior Women’s National Team) and men and women create their own experiences, memories and […]

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3 weeks at Paddling Camp – Paddle, Stretch, Eat, Sleep…

I recently had the pleasure of spending 3 weeks in Florida! That was a real delight, after the long and cold winter we had. The true pleasure, however, was getting back on water, teaching Yoga and stretch classes to paddlers and reconnecting with my paddling community. The camp is put on by Bow Wave Dragon […]

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Spring – A delight to the senses.

Wow….it’s been a long winter! A great winter for sure… but definitely long. I guess that’s why I’m really enjoying this spring so much. Sure, it’s not balmy and sunshine everyday but most of the snow is gone and I don’t have to wear my winter coat and snow pants anymore. Yes! Every day I […]

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Sea Kayak on Georgian Bay Autumn

It was a gorgeous fall day with smooth glassy water. Sometimes you enjoy the blustery wavy weather, but other times it’s nice to enjoy the calm conditions and reflect on life. In 2011 we were enjoying a super long summer like fall. In fact only the sun setting earlier gave any indication that it wasn’t […]

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