Cycling is a rapidly growing sport that can be enjoyed by practically anyone. Whether you like to zoom down the road on a bicycle or challenge the trails on a mountain bike or split the difference and ride a CX bike, there is something for you. There are many clubs with group rides and both trail and road races to satisfy the appetite of the most avid cyclist. Our contributors have done it all! Post your comments and share ideas with, or learn from our authors.

Cycling – The Summer Shift

It seems to happen to me, the summer shift I call it. It’s funny, there is no date announcing its arrival, people don’t speak about it, some don’t know it exists, but it does happen. Mid-August rolls around and something within me is triggered. My desire to ride the local paved cycling routes disappears and […]

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Mountain Biking – Spring Training in Asheville North Carolina

At least that is what we like to call it, Spring Training. It makes it sound all very official for those that may need to justify yet another bike trip! But these guys have been doing these spring bike trips for over 15 years. I was lucky enough to be invited 3 years ago and […]

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