Mountain Biking – Spring Training in Asheville North Carolina

At least that is what we like to call it, Spring Training. It makes it sound all very official for those that may need to justify yet another bike trip! But these guys have been doing these spring bike trips for over 15 years. I was lucky enough to be invited 3 years ago and have been going ever since.In reality it’s a super fun bunch of bikers just wanting to kick start the mountain bike and road biking season on some very cool trails. The conditions in Asheville are always a few weeks ahead of here.

CabinsThere were about 28 of us and we rented 8 cabins in beautiful Asheville. It was like living in a tree house with a hot tub right outside the bedroom. There were mountain bikers and road riders on this trip but I was only there for the incredible mountain biking.

Each morning we would meet at the local coffee shop/bike shop to get organized for our day on the trails. Lots of climbing in North Carolina but the downhills are as much fun as you can imagine!

water crossingEvery day is an adventure.. from fast flowing river crossings, gorgeous waterfalls and panoramic views to incredible descents.. fast and fun or slow and gnarly. Always with a very scenic spot to stop and have lunch and share our highs from the mornings ride. And each day ends with beer and munchies in the parking lot again sharing our favourite moments of the day (or comparing battle wounds).

A couple nights a week we all get together for dinner/drinks and tons of laughter while planning the next days adventure. Of course there is great Mexican in town as there is on every mountain bike trip! Otherwise we are making gourmet meals to eat with our close friends on our back decks listening to the water fountains and leaves blowing the in breeze.

Our final day ends with our favourite trails and very cold beer at the local bike shop that also happens to serve local beer! Awesome!


What a fantastic start to what will be a fantastic season of mountain biking! And now 3 stage and Kolapore are ready for riding and I am totally ready to enjoy them!

See you on the trails! Cheers,
Suzy Sheppey


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