Energize Your Life!


Energize Your Life!

If there is a holy grail that many of us are searching for it is the quest for more energy? Could you use a jolt of energy in your life? Most of us could. What is energy? Where does it come from and how can we get more of this precious commodity?

As a coach, I like to think I get my clients plugged into the right outlet for them. Many of us are so scattered we are all over the place with our energy. We run on energy just like the electricity that powers our world. We cannot see it but we can feel it.

Are the circuits overloaded in your life? You know what happens when the circuits are overloaded – you blow a fuse and the lights go out! Do you crash and burn regularly, there is a better way. The good news for us is our energy is a renewable resource. How do you get plugged in and renewed?

To get more energy in your life you need to get clear on what energizes you. This is probably something you have never considered before. One way to start recognizing the truth is to keep a notebook with you. When you feel great write down what it was that gave you that energy boost and we are not talking that extra large latte you might have just had!

Every one of us is wired differently. Keep track, it may sound simple but you just might be surprised what you learn about yourself. Notice the simple things that work for you, looking out the window for ten minutes or singing along to the radio. As you track what energizes you, you will also notice what drains you.

To live a life at high voltage you have to stop giving your energy away. Does anything aggravate you, annoy you or waste your time? Become aware, adjust and start responding rather than reacting. If your neighbour plugged his appliances into your house you would not accept this. Your personal energy is an even more important resource start noticing what is happening.

  • learned to say “no” when you want to
  • Stay focused – don’t let situations side track you
  • Set clear boundaries and stick to them

Remember you are the captain of your ship and the expert on you. Maintaining your energy is up to you, no one else can do this for you. What will you do with all this new found energy? Enjoy your life – it is up to you to make it the best life possible!

Love and Light!

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