Liesbeth Halbertsma

Liesbeth Halbertsma is born and raised in The Netherlands, and lived and worked 14 years on the Caribbean island Sint Maarten.  She has been passionate about healthy foods most of her life, being a long time vegetarian, organic food freak and plant-based whole food eater since two years.

She is a mother of two boys, and loves to spend time with her family. She can be found running or hiking with the dog on the trails, browsing farmers markets, or cooking vegan meals.

Since the kids were very young the family went on hiking holidays in the Alps, Italy, Dominica, the Appalachian or the Rockies, and many other beautiful areas.

Liesbeth has a masters degree of the University of Amsterdam, and has had many different jobs, from editing and designing to managing a business. She is currently having time off, and works on a book and a website.

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