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My Active Lifetime contributors often test and review active gear for all sorts of activities. Our contributors are knowledgable users of a wide variety of gear and can help you tell the good from the bad. From active clothing to athletic footwear to equipment, you may find exactly what you need to know in our gear reviews about:

• Running shoes
• Hiking shoes
• Ski boots
• Skis
• Bikes
• Cycling wear
• Running wear
• Skiwear
• Active Eyewear
• Swimwear
• Kayaks, Canoes
• Camping gear
• Electronic accessories
• Yoga Accessories
• Nutritional products

2XU Compression Arm Sleeves

2XU Compression Arm Sleeves: Promote removal of blood lactate from exercising muscles for faster recovery Graduated compression for extra support + enhanced circulation benefits Reduced muscle soreness Moisture management Product Evaluation I recently had the pleasure of testing some 2XU Compression Arm Sleeves on an 11.6 km test run to experience these benefits first-hand. Gear: 2XU Compression Arm Sleeves […]

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2XU Thermal Compression Tights

Winter running is absolutely essential if a runner has any intentions of competing in events during the spring season. Even if you are not competitive but want to stay fit over the winter with various outdoor activities including running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, you need the appropriate garments! You need to stay warm but not too warm because […]

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