Suzy Bishop Sheppey

I first met Suzy Bishop Sheppey on the soccer field a few years ago. She had said that she was looking to her teammates for advice as she was fairly new to the game. I found her tenacity and ability to learn combined with natural athleticism impressive.

Fast forward a year or two and I decided to join her at one of our local mountain biking meccas for a sport she is not new to and that she excels at! All I can say is that it was quite an awakening! As a trail and road runner fitness was not my issue, but technique was. Suzy confidently ripped through the trails jumping logs playfully and attacking the technical parts. I was now getting schooled!

More recently I had seen her Facebook posts on spring mountain biking in Asheville North Carolina. It’s a spring warmup that takes advantage of the earlier spring down there. The photos are amazing and it looks like such a fun trip.

You are not likely to find a nicer person with as big a heart as Suzy. This caring personality makes her the perfect person to work with children. Combine that with her passion for physical fitness and you get “Monkeynastix” her program for movement education and physical literacy for kids. The program helps kids get a healthy lifestyle right from the start.

Keep on riding Suzy! We look forward to hearing about more of her adventures on My Active Lifetime!
~ Nick Brindisi, Editor.

For more information about Monkeynastix or to find out about fitness fun birthday parties for kids:

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