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Hi! I’m Nick Brindisi, and I built Growing up and living in Beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, Canada gave me a perfect setting to live an active life from an early Age. With ski hills, the huge Georgian Bay off Lake Huron, forest trails, and a wide variety of sports facilities, Collingwood is ideal for healthy active lifestyles.

I have had the honour to raise two young men, Matthew 27and Thomas 23 who also have adopted athletic, healthy lifestyles.

Having volunteered as a coach for many years in a variety of sports, I now hope to make coaching and helping others my life long vocation. If I can help one person improve one aspect of their life then I’m fulfilled.

Photo Credit Isis Photography for On the Bay Magazine

Photo Credit Isis Photography for On the Bay Magazine

My goal in creating My Active Lifetime is to bring together the collective knowledge of other people who inspire me to write about a variety of things related to healthy living. Physical, mental, spiritual and nutritional health are all key areas that we all need to improve upon. The contributors I have selected are subject matter experts in areas such as life coaching, psychotherapy, nutrition, physical conditioning, various sports and more! I’m thrilled to bring it all together to share here on

Sinister 7 – 100 mile race Leg 3 of 7 in 2016.



  • Lifetime runner – 5K/10K/Half Marathon/Marathon/Ultra Marathon
  • Black Belt – 1st dan Taekwondo
  • Kayak, Mountain Bike, Downhill & Cross Country Skiing, Soccer, Tennis

Sponsors (Running)

Photo: Tjalling Halbertsma


Proudest Achievements

  • Raising my boys to be fit active healthy individuals
  • Finishing 100km run on the road in under 11 hours during the run for the G&M Hospital
  • Making it through 100km and 14,000 feet of climb/descent of the 148km Sinister 7 race in July 2013 in a time of 17 hours – I’ll be back in 2014 to finish the job!
  • Making it through 105km and 14,000 feet climb/descent in 2014 at Sinister 7 despite heat stroke and a Grizzly encounter.
  • Going back in 2016 and finishing Sinister 7 100 mile race in 27 hours 29 minutes.
  • Halliburton 100 mile race completed in horrible rainy slippery conditions
  • Making a difference in the lives of those I’ve coached
  • Earning private pilot certificate


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