Susan Brindisi

susan200Susan Brindisi is an accountant, wife and mother to 2 boys aged 22 and 17. Accounting keeps her behind a desk and computer for much of the workday giving her a desire to participate in active pursuits. These activities include hiking, boot camp, running, snowshoeing, biking and dancing. Given the opportunity and the right music she will dance all night!

Given her outgoing personality and caring nature people naturally found her enthusiasm for hiking contagious, joining her new hiking and snowshoeing group. Desiring to help others achieve their fitness goals she began scheduling hikes near her home in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. The group has now grown to about 250 enthusiastic hikers in it’s short four year history.

Susan has a phrase that has become a cornerstone of her life that was handed down from her father, “people are medicine.” She believes that if you surround yourself with people your life will be remarkably rich. I believe she is dead on with that philosophy and I am rich to have been married to her since 1988.
~ Nick Brindisi, May 2014

Expect articles on hiking, snowshoeing and the outdoors from Susan.

Georgian Triangle Hikers/Snowshoers:

Susan Brindisi

Susan in a hole – Lion’s Head Trail